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focus on the areas you hate most

This is such an important subject.  And it can go two ways, you should never only focus on the areas you dislike most and you should also not only focus on the areas you like most about your body.

So before I share my thoughts on this topic, I would just like to inform you that I am no professional writer and this is a first for me so please be gentle.

We all have that one area on our bodies that we don't like at all, and we also have that one area that we actually secretively like.
Now for as long as I can remember these areas for me will be my legs and, I dislike them most.  And on the other hand I take pride in my abs.

Usually when I get a new client coming in for his/her first session, the first thing I would ask them is why are you here?  And then they will start talking about the things they don't like seeing in the mirror and then they usually end off with, so if we could please focus on this area most then that would be great.  I even had one client that told me she just wants to focus on her legs for the entire hour.

Well to this my response is always the same, "We can focus on the areas you dislike most but we will first have to see how your body functions and if your "foundation" as I would like to call it is ready for what you expect your body to accomplish."

The body works like a machine or for that matter like a house.  You can't always just focus on maintaining one part of a machine that you either like or dislike about the machine and expect the machine to last forever or to give you the best it can.  Same with a house, you can't expect a house to stay firm and solid on the ground during rainy and stormy weather without a proper foundation.

Now the body is the same, a lot of people for instance want to have a six pack and they go hard at it in the gym but they have never been taught the anatomy of the body and thus don't know how to activate their stabilizers which is one of the most important things to do if you want to have a strong core and six pack without injuring your lower back, now the stabilizers in itself is a subject on its own that I will also be writing a blog about in the near future. 

So let's first talk about those of you that only want to work on the areas you dislike or would like to change most.  Lets say you are one of those people that would like to have a six pack, but you hate doing back day in the gym. 
The lower back is not one of the muscle groups that is all that fun to strengthen and exercise but without a strong lower back and good stabilization you should not be going hard at it in the gym focusing on trying to get that six pack you long for.  It is so important to first make sure what is the reason for you not getting the results you would like to have in the areas you dislike.
Now in my case, I used to be a long distance runner and I would spend hours and hours training and running, but never really learnt how to actually use my gluteus and hamstrings while I was at it.  
Now for the leg to work properly you need to use every single muscle to get the best out of your running sessions.  
I was a pretty good athlete and did really well, but had I only then knew what I know now I would never have ended up having a knee operation and I would probably have broken a few records during competition time and not only during practice time.
Now you also probably wonder why my legs is the part I dislike most, well because I spent 20 years not using them to their full potential thus leaving me with very skinny legs and a flat bum.  And years and years of training for hours a day without using all the muscles in the legs does not have a quick fix.  So I am still working on trying to get my bum back.  That being said, I have a lot of respect for my legs and what they endured all those 20 years of hours and hours of running while just basically using my quads.

Then on the other hand you have those that love to focus on the areas on their bodies that respond much quicker.  In my case that would be my abs.

Now have you ever thought of the fact, except if you are one of those lucky people with really good genetics,  that maybe the areas that respond quickly is the areas that doesn't really need all that much attention because you are already doing something rite.  And that maybe if you are going to keep focusing on only those areas you are probably going to end up either injured or not looking all that normal... 
Some men for instance get quick results with their legs, so they keep going heavier and keep going heavier doing dead lifts and what not, because they don't necessarily like their abs all that much, so having strong huge legs kind of make them feel better about their belly.  But chances are they are most probably not stabilizing because of the lack of core stabilizing workouts such as Pilates, throughout their intense leg sessions leaving the lower back in not such a good place. Or they focus only on their arms and thus en up looking like the hulk with skinny legs.

We are all neglecting certain areas in our bodies and maybe we should start exercising firstly to get our bodies healthy and strong and work on our "foundation" first before expecting the impossible from it.

Which part are you neglecting write a comment and let me know.  Also, remember to be good to your body, have respect for it and speak life over it, without it you would not be able to function and it has to work really hard as it is.  So fill it with positivity and healthy options.

Happy Wednesday

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